susan_smallHello, I’m Susan Stoltz, owner and founder of AlphaSonic™ Sound Wave Therapy. In 1991, the medical community gave up on me and told me to go home and get my affairs in order. I was told I had than 24 to 48 hours to live. My doctor told me he could not give me any more medication, my blood enzymes were off the charts and my organs would soon start to shut down. Literally the next morning, I was introduced to the technology I’m sharing with you today which played a significant role in regaining my health and to my doctor’s astonishment, accelerated my recovery from months to just a few short weeks.

That experience inspired me to spend the next several years in research to develop optimum applications and protocols. Working with many top doctors, numerous case and controlled studies were performed to determine the efficacy of the technology and the applications I had developed , using both subjective and objective data. Monitoring methods included ultrasound, x-ray, blood chemistry analysis, infrared thermography and comparative performance data. The results were always so impressive it set me on a course of educating others (doctors, therapists and laypeople alike) on the benefits of the AlphaSonic™, empowering them to take proactive, safe and non invasive steps to accelerate recovery and to enhance quality of life.

Over the years tens of thousands of people have been helped with this technology and my unique applications…Are you ready to be next?

“AlphaSonic™ promotes rapid recovery with minimal scar tissue.”
W. Gale, C.M.T., B.A.

“I feel stronger and have more endurance. I can train hard days more often with fewer recovery days between workouts. And if anything happened to my AlphaSonic™, I’d be on the phone buying another one.”
Daryl Clarke: Research Chemist, Western New York-Buffalo

Below images reflect infrared thermography and reveal the powerful
reductions of thermal gradients (indicating heat) using AlphaSonic™ therapy on a 1,000 pound racehorse.
Imagine what it can possibly do for you…

Inflammation before AlphaSonic™ therapy
Inflammation after AlphaSonic™ therapy

The color scale bar in each image reflects blue as cold areas graduating to extremely hot white areas.

“The goal of any physical therapy no matter what modality you use is to increase circulation and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the tissue. The AlphaSonic™ absolutely increases circulation, and allows the body to heal itself. It is one of the most effective therapy tools available, and safe to use.”
Ron Riegel, DVM. Speaker, researcher, and author of
“Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy” and “Common Disorders of the Horse”, Volumes I and II.

Are you ready to be empowered like I was, and be proactive in having a better quality of life?
Call me at 866-478-7118 or email me with your questions. Have a pain free day!

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