Short Answer: The AlphaSonic is a device that emits sound waves and a mechanical, pulsating massage action. Use of the tool and its protocols has been found to potentially aid several ailments in humans and in animals.

Long Answer: The AlphaSonic is made up of two components that work together to help heal the body: the device itself and protocols to be used with the device.

  • The AlphaSonic device is a therapeutic massager that emits low frequency sound waves through its transducers along with a mechanical, pulsating massage action. The sound waves can even penetrate through objects (clothing, blankets, boots, plaster casts, etc.) to help heal the user.

The proprietary application protocols are protocols used to direct the user to use the device to aid their specific needs. There are hundreds of protocols that can aide the use of the AlphaSonic on both people and animals. The protocols have been developed through many years of research, case and scientific studies. Studies have shown that the use of these protocols increases the effectiveness of the AlphaSonic device by more than 3,000% compared to local application alone.